Too Much- Carly Rae Jepsen

During these unprecedented times, when we were forced to confine ourselves with the only source of entertainment being the television, “Normal People” gave me the much needed sanity. This Irish story of Marianne and Connell etched my soul, leaving me haunted in a good way, for days. Their beautifully twisted chemical hearts, their emotional struggles, their indelible dependency and their undying love/respect for each other, is a rare masterpiece in the old-school love genre.

Normal people, also introduced me a perfectly apt song-“Too Much” by Carly Rae Jepsen. We are all messy individuals behind closed doors, but if someone talks about their demons in open, they are immediately shunned to keep quiet. Is it wrong to express? Is being ourselves out there wrong?

“The concept actually started from a girlfriend of mine who was explaining a memory that was so vivid to me, like a movie. She was dancing at this party, her boyfriend was there and she was feeling gorgeous, she was really getting into the music and letting loose and feeling like eyes were on her in this really positive way. And then this guy kind of came over and said, ‘Can you, like, keep it together?’ And it was such a subtle but hurtful thing. And I felt like that explained how we all feel” said Carly about the song.

When I party, then I party too much

When I feel it, then I feel it too much

When I’m thinking, then I’m thinking too much

When I’m drinking, then I’m drinking too much

I’ll do anything to get to the rush

Now I’m dancing, and I’m dancing too much

So be careful if you’re wanting this touch

‘Cause if I love you, then I love you too much

Marianne was a private, shy girl who craved to be accepted for who she is, but was pressured to be well-behaved, obedient and this conceptual perfect women; that even speaking up for herself caused her a broken nose by her abusive brother. Probably not to such harsh extends, but people are maimed emotionally if they let themselves lose or are not “normal”. Fighting against your insecurities is a risky affair, but must be done to be embrace your individuality. Only then you’d be liberated. And being “Too much” is worthy of celebrating, it’s okay to dive head first into something you love and giving it your all.

Afterall, “Too much is not really a bad thing for the right person” – Carly


What do you care “Too much” about? For me, it’s my family.

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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