Dot above the Comma

It wasn’t a full stop, it was a comma…. A long lazy comma…..

I started this blog way back in 2015 when I was going through a phase in life. No job, no social life, no purpose in life. Blogging was my only medium to escape the loneliness that I felt.

I thought to myself, what makes me happy? What calms my nerves down? What helps me tick?

I’m not that extrovert traveller or the life of the party, who just walked out of the house and made new friends.

I can’t even talk to a child without my resting bitch face camouflaging my inner fear of being judged. I’m shy, I’m scared of being in the limelight and absolutely terrified of change.

But, my mental state demanded me to explore, have new experiences, learn to express your feelings. Boohoo to my sanity!!!

So, I thought what can a loner like me do to be happy?

Music has been a constant denominator in my life. Right from childhood when I heard “the Am sizing cat” song from the Children’s songs cassette tape, (ohhhh, the chills it gave me!!!) I knew one thing for sure, Give me a good song, there I’ll belong!

So what makes a good song- scintillating music? Smart Lyrics?? Killer Voice??? 

A good song is something you can associate a memory with, something that connects to you in a way that you can’t express, Something that’ll make you get up and get high (Not, literally; but still every bar booms with music).

A good song is something which stays with you even after it ends!!

I wanted to make this love for music my connection to the world. 

Hence “The TeeKay Take” was born!

Occasionally, I do share glimpses of my varied interests, books I enjoyed, travel and lifestyle too.

After a 5 year long hiatus, I’m now ready to add a dot above the comma; and start a new chapter here.

Here’s me reintroducing my Blog…


To all my friends, Thank you for your never-ending support. I’m starting this again, all for you.

Hope you enjoy it!

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