An artistic streak of Mumbai

             Mumbai has made its mark on the Globe for being one of the most coveted cities of the world. With its slum dog etiquette, publicized by extravagant bereft souls, to the insurmountable unity, shown by the crucible people, while annihilating the intervention of the natural enemies, the city has its own Gangnam style to boast about. 👯

Still like every ‘Mumbaikar’, I love this city in all it’s 50 shades of grey!

              According to me the best time to visit Mumbai is from December to February, (not if you are interested in the experiencing the ‘Mumbai rains’ , which is a different story of its own🙄) when the city is at the peak of its exuberance hosting various activities and street festivals bound to entertain its followers.

             Recently, I visited a prestigious art festival in Mumbai named ‘Kalaghoda Art Festival’. KGAF is an annual rendition where people all over India showcase their multifaceted talents ranging from music, arts, theatre to gourmet, workshops, heritage walks, … – you name it, we have it!😎

For more information, kindly check out the link mentioned below.

These are some of the visual street artwork seen at KGAF-2016…

1. The Butterfly Effect-

               The Butterfly effect is a generic term for the principle in chaos theory which states that, a single occurrence, no matter how small, can change the course of the universe forever. The findings were summarized by scientist called Edward Lorenz, Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?

The message delivered through this art here is ‘If you start a positive movement right here, you may end up filling the universal void with positivity sometime soon!’

IMG_20160211_181153.jpg2. Novel Tea Bags-

Celebrating the art of tree plantations in India in a unique form. Presenting, Chai Tamasha…


3. Protein filled India-

This was an initiative by Tata Sampann to promote the importance of high protein diet and raise awareness about the poor health condition of the masses in India. The Map of India is designed using legumes and pulses.


4. The Phoenix-

 The fire bird charms it’s way by spreading the message of ‘Freedom of thoughts, ideas and speech over a hundred years’. It represents the ‘Never say Die’ attitude of the city.


5. A Friend from the Poles-

We got a visit from Mumble,🤗 in an artistic way though! Made out of the scrap metal from an automobile.


6. Cutting Chai-

            ‘Cutting Chai’ is a local expression for a small shots of tea in Mumbai, in fact India . It represents the only socializing factor present in olden days where, “Chal, Chai peete hai” (Let’s have some tea) was the only form of starting a dialogue and eventually everlasting relationships between strangers. It ponders over, taking a break from our social neTwerks and reconnecting to the relationship dynamics missing in today’s generations.


For more, please check this link out here: Kala Ghoda Association


This masterpiece is from a local art festival at my place (not magnanimous as KGAF but still worthy) celebrating the ‘100 years of Bollywood’ through Rangoli art form (Colored Powder). Thought it might be a spectacle addition…

100 years of Cinema through Rangoli


               This is a little glimpse of my city summarized in these pictures here. I’m not a travel enthusiast nor a photographer. But, I certainly do enjoy taking time out for gathering memories to reminisce later in life. So, hope you enjoyed my perspective of the art forms at KGAF…


If you enjoyed this, do plan your next trip to Mumbai accordingly!😊

35 Thoughts

  1. Indeed Mumbai is such fabulous place, so place have that energy and that sparks in the land and it keeps igniting you the moment you land in that place.
    Yes, I fully agree that is one of the most coveted city and with such art and culture in display along with the capital and the commercial aspect of life. My friends did visited Kalaghod Art Festivals and they were sharing the same experience, they all enjoyed the diversity and depth in display.
    Loved the “Cutting Chai” picture…

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I am from Hyderabad, but keep coming to Mumbai and I have good number of relatives there…I had stayed short time and always love the place.
        I heard it was great this time and a place to visit during the festival.
        I have gone to Jehangir Art Gallery and cherish the place.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s more lively in the months from December – March..
      You should definitely come here😊
      It seems like I’m promoting Mumbai tourism via this post😂😂, but genuinely the city lives unto its grandeur.



  2. TeeKay
    I couldn’t get your name.
    I am now online and you are too, you can speak to me right now.
    Such situations are rare for me.
    You might observe I do not chat on my blog for just few words, thank you, welcome, good, etc…..I should tell you of time which is in scarce.
    In regard to Mumbai what you are talking about, if I tell you something you shall be wonder stuck. I do not want to make a big show of it.
    Anyway My Good wishes for YOU Dear!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sir, you can call me TeeKay.
      I’m currently reading some of the posts on your blog… I’m completely in awe of your writing style, so much more to learn for me..
      I would love to hear your thoughts about Mumbai too. I’m totally open to hear anything, every city has something unique to offer and every view is respected!
      Best wishes to you too,

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My Dear TeeKay,
        May be I shall reveal or tell you about it some other time.
        Meanwhile I am in awe that you are in awe of my writing.
        It gives such good satisfaction when somebody appreciates.
        Its good you are exploring my blog, you should do that when ever you go to a good blog, you will get to know so many things which shall enrich your knowledge.
        Pats! Pats!! Pats!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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