Top 5 songs for Valentine’s Day

The Lovey-Dovey day has dawned!

No matter whether you are celebrating it with your ‘Significant other’ at some fancy diner or you are a recent member of the ‘I hate Valentine’s Day” brigade, eating fries, watching HBO while swiping through Tindle. Here, are some of the songs to set the mood right for you… 

1.Once in a lifetime- Landon Austin

This song served as perfect “I Do” theme song at every summer wedding in 2015. Wouldn’t complain much about it as it is indeed melodious to hear. Landon Austin is an American musician who gained popularity via Youtube and is famous for shooting covers of popular songs. This is an original score for him which sure has become the Cupid’s strongest arrow. If this song doesn’t make you fall in love, I’m afraid anything else would!

2. A thousand years – Christina Perri

Actually I just heard this song for the eighty-ninth time, right now, on TV 😝JK, it’s actually the 118th time!

The Twilight series might not be everyone’s favorite when it comes to romantic movies , but surely it is responsible for bring this beautiful song to us. It summarizes the saga with the most accurate words, describing Edward’s wait for Bella in the most appropriate chorus lines. Try proposing your lover with this song, your bound to gain some bonus love points with this!

3.Thinking out Loud- Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran💕😍💕 Do I need to introduce this song? Just click here and check him dance! This is a genuine masterpiece by Sheeran and I think the first video made by him where he danced 😳OMG, he is a really good dancer …

Love in it’s mature form is explored here where the couple talks about growing old together and what importance the love between them, holds in their lives. The song is vocally aluring, lyrically strong and perfect for dancing with ‘The One’.

4. Right here- Betty Who

This lady is phenomenal. Her music has a peaceful, dreamy, anthemic style. Her first two albums mainly focused on love themes and breakups, but what’s admiring about them, is the positive uplifting music that accompanies it. You need to here it, to believe it! My favorites from Betty Who are ‘Somebody loves you’, ‘Heartbreak Dream’ and this song here…

5. _________

I recommend you fill this space for me. Tell me about some Love/breakup/Romance songs you think I should here today!

After all, Valentine’s Day is about spreading the feeling of Love, isn’t it?


Happy Valentine’s Day to all my viewers.

Thank you for all the love and support. It’s genuinely appreciated!

30 Thoughts

  1. I’m not the most romantic person, but one that I would add to your list is Two of the Lucky Ones by The Droge & Summers Blend. I honestly don’t know any other songs they play, but this was the song my husband and I dance to as our first dance. The reason why we chose it was because it was the song that Wichita and Columbus dance to on the movie Zombieland. 🙂

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  2. So I know that it’s way past Valentine’s Day.
    But I actually like this French song called “La Vie En Rose” by Édith Piaf.
    It’s been covered quite a few times.
    Recently, John Legend performed this for the L’Oréal Campaign. Another good version would be the one performed in “How I Met Your Mother”.

    My other recommendations would be:
    Yellow – Coldplay
    Clean, All Too Well – Taylor Swift
    Give Me Love, Kiss Me – Ed Sheeran
    Set Fire to the Rain – Adele

    Also, thanks for giving my blog post a like! If you want to see more posts, you can always follow my blog!😁

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    1. Yeah, I have seen the John Legend version of that song! Yes, It’s beautiful!👍🏻
      Your song recommendations are great! I’m a huge fan of all the artists that you mentioned!😍
      You have a lovely blog! I’m definitely following it!

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