Top 10 Music – 2015

Introducing my Top 10 Music favs this year…

1) Can’t feel my Face –  The Weeknd

            This is the best song that happened in the music industry in 2015. It made the entire world scream, “I Can’t feel my face”,without sounding as crackheads. The Weeknd came, Composed and CONQUERED every single heart in the world. You’ll not find a single person who didn’t like this song. This song is PERFECTION!

         And whoever disagrees, please check the mirror – You’re probably developing a grey skin, translucent big head with black opaque eye sockets! 🤐

2) Bad Blood – Taylor Swift

             In the year 2015, Taylor swift introduced us to #SQUADGOALS. With their black attires, cool weapons and kickass stunts, T-swift and her posse redefined our friendship goals. Besides, her brigade was filled with surprising guest list, which had us like, “No Way! Is she actually friends with her?”. T-Swift proved that besides writing breakup songs, she does know how to pick a fight, form an army and give them BACK!

            Bad Blood maybe about her feud with Katy Perry, but it did establish T-Swift as an influential celebrity in 2015.

3) Hello – Adele

“Wait, is Adele back after four years hiatus?” YES!

“Excuse me, I need a day off to listen to her album…”

This is what Adele does to us. She drops an album and all the music industry just have to vacate the No 1 spot for her! And damn, she’s SO good at this… Her voice in this song explains her highness… 😐 (Well, literally 😜)

4) Love me like you do – Ellie Goulding

The most hyped movies of the year – 50 Shades of Grey.

Was it worth the hype? Naaayyy!

But, what was it worthy then – the OST!

That track list saw some incredible music pieces which helped all my friends pick their perfect wedding songs.(Wink, Wink 😉) What tops my list there is, ‘Love me like you do’ by Ellie Goulding. It’s beautiful, it gives you the FEELS, it makes you swoon and also when you’re trying to take a quick nap during a long bus ride, it helps you dream about THE ONE! JK 😜

5) Love yourself – Justin Beiber

Trust me, I am not a Belieber!

Have I heard him? Yes. Have I liked his songs? NO.

But he is that one artist, who even if you don’t like at all, shall still find some way to creep into your ears; maybe through your teenage badminton friends or your local 94.3 Radio One! So, when he dropped his new album ‘Purpose’, you have to hear it.

And boy, I did like it! Still cannot believe it’s a JB album. ‘Love Yourself’ is my favorite on his track list.

6) Same Old Love – Selena Gomez

If this was the year JB delivered an unbelievably good album, how can his ex-bae Selena be held back?

This girl surely proved that she is a marquise diamond with her new album ‘Revival’. Her songs are on fleek and also you shall be jaw dropped when you look how HOT she has grown up to be!

JB, sorry, you can’t afford this diamond piece!

7) Worth It – Fifth Harmony

Five hot girls – Check

Lyrics on Girl Power – Check

Catchy Music – Check

Unnecessary rap to sound cool – Check

Feminist Dance moves – Check

Now, that’s how you brew a Hit Song!

8) Perfect – One Direction

         You don’t call a song ‘Perfect’ when one of your perfect band member quits on you. Meanwhile the girls swoon over Harry Styles, I so miss Zayn Malik in 1D! Let me know if you feel the same in the comments section below. But you can’t deny that the other boys do know, how to keep their fans engaged. Introducing ‘Perfect’ by 1D…

9) Cool for the summer – Demi Lovato

This girl has transformed! Her new cropped hair, her no makeup made-up face, her waist crunch bod and her badass look.

This girl has TRANSFORMED!!

I love Demi for everything she is. She never hides her struggles or tries to be Ms. Goody Two shoes for the cam. She tries to be as human as possible in this hoity-toity world! And that according to me, deserves an applause.

Also, this song played on repeat this summer on my IPod 😁 because I wanted to be #CoolfortheSummer  😁 😁

10) Cake by the Ocean – DNCE 

The Jonas Brothers are back! 🙌🏼 No wait, It’s just Joe👌🏼 And he is with a new band 🤘🏼…Wicked! DNCE released their first single and it is WOW! Excited for more music from these guys in 2016


These are my Top 10 list. Hope you enjoyed it!

Please share your Top 10 list in the comments section below and if you like it, Subscribe!

5 Thoughts

    1. Ah! Yes…. I too loved that song by Jason Derulo! Too bad couldn’t include it in my list!
      Other one which I really wanted to include here was Madonna’s “Ghost town.” Have you heard that?


    1. Ya, these were some of my favorite hits in 2015.
      I also write about the songs which have connected with me on an emotional level.. Those posts are much entertaining to pen up…
      Do check them out and give me your Take on it☺️



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