Till it Happens to You- Lady Gaga

   To me, Lady Gaga is the queen of modern pop culture. She is eccentric, vivacious and a tad bit crazy! Her ‘Bad romance, ‘Poker face’ days were remarked as the best era in pop culture music industry. But then suddenly she delivers a song like this which not only shocks you , but also you grow to respect this woman a little further. What she made of this song was something out of my imagination…

           ‘Till it happens to you’ is a rock ballad written for the movie ‘The Hunting Grounds’ a documentary that depicts the tragic aftermath of campus rape in United States. The lyrics correctly portray the intensity of the incident on the victims and Gaga’s vocals just provide the necessary impact for this song.

            Rape is the most cruelest act on earth . It not only damages the victim physically but strips off all the mental well being of the victim. The worst part of it is, when you know it has happened, the inquisitive nature and the sympathies that follow, just makes you live that experience all again!

The hurtful comments being, “Don’t worry, It gets better…… you’ll be fine!”. What the hell?How do you know? You’ve never been through it!

            Rape shows that the attacker holds all the rights to break that person; which should not be the case for anyone. Forcing anyone to do something is just not acceptable. No one should be allowed to maneuver or control anyone. That’s why , Rape is the most dangerous crime! But what if you are a victim? What if it has already happened to you? How do you come out of it?

            This song clearly states the magnitude of the subject without diminishing the barbaric nature of the crime. That this song coming from Lady Gaga, who herself is a victim, clearly shows how to cope with the crime. Lady Gaga has rightfully used her popularity to create awareness about the situation and also her voice makes this song beautiful to hear.

              If this song doesn’t make you cry, the accompanying video is just going to do it! The video shows the various situations of the crime scene with people from all aspects of society. No matter if you are male or female, Trans or bi , careful or not careful; you can be the potential victim. The stats at the end of the video will just make you think whether you are safe anywhere in the world.

This video shall serve as an eye opener, if you’re still not aware of the problem. It should be watched by everyone coming of age and also spread the awareness about the issue.

Shoving it under the rug shall only make the crime more dangerous!

Till you’re standing in my shoes

I don’t wanna hear a thing from you, from you, from you

Till it happens to you‘ is a perfect listener when you are feeling low or you just want to shut all the noises in your head. It shall make you appreciate the fortunes you are blessed with and shall help you to move forward, knowing you’ve survived today!

You may find the song here-


This song is a must watch/hear for everyone who is in their adolescent age. The message is very clear and speaking about it, you’ll only help others

Please share your thoughts on this song and other Lady Gaga songs in the comments section below.. I love reading your views.. 😛

3 Thoughts

  1. No holds-barred… lady GaGa is by far the most boldly unapologetic and unrelenting individual.She has been earmarked with headlines that make a beeline for the bling of the morning press release. Newsflash:”haters will hate”, I personally enjoy her songs and respect her outlook.Every person is entitled to an opinion & cheers to her spirit.A special mention for her award in the golden globes this year👏👏😀😀😀

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