Just like Fate-Suzanne Young and Cat Patrick

             Sorry for keeping this section blank for a long time. I was debating whether I wanted to make this section a review/spoiler or something people would visit for book recommendations. But then decided, it’s a take; my take on a book I enjoyed. So, which was the book I enjoyed the most reading? The answer was simple-Just like fate by Suzanne Young and Cat Patrick!

I’ve read many books in life. Romance, suspense ,fiction and non fiction. But none of those have touched me the way this book has…

               The story has been told in two perspectives, depending on the two possible decisions the lead character takes. Caroline Cabot has an important decision to make during her grandmother’s death – To stay watching her grandmother die and grieve over it or To go and figure out what to do to move on with her life after her death. Then the story progresses to the events taking place based on her decisions. There are family dramas, friendships tested, hooking up with long time crush, a high school game and eventually finding the right one. What every YA novel aspires to engage It’s readers with! However, in the midst of a beautiful woven story, you come across an impactful life lesson.

                Fate has an important part to play in your life. It works it’s magic in the most mysterious ways and shows itself when you least expect it to. What this book taught me is no matter what decision one makes, eventually we are all puppets in the hands of fate or Magnets of Fate as the book calls it.

            The decisions we make just are for learning from it. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do; if you are meant to be sad today , you will be sad today even while eating that triple chocolate sundae. There’s no good or bad decision – just your decision. There’s no question of “What If?” in your life, because what is meant to happen is gonna happen. Sounds cliché!

But that’s why I say, you must read this book to understand it! And no matter where you sit, how fast you sip

The coffee tastes the same on magnet lips

“Magnets for Fate”

-Electric Freakshow”

I recommended this to everyone , no matter which age group you belong. You just can’t go wrong with this book.



AmazonGoodreads reviewMagnets of fate- The Social Fantastic

 TheTeeKayTake: Read this book, it will change your life drastically!

Also, share in the comments below, the book that you enjoyed the most reading.. I love hearing from you guys! 

4 Thoughts

  1. Very well written review of the book.. I absolutely loved this.. I firmly believed that everything is written already and definitely destiny plays it’s part in its own unique way !!! Looking forward for your more posts regarding amazing books dear !! All the best☺

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  2. It has been an amazing read and a great recommendation.Definitely one of my favorite stories as it opens the window of reality through the fog that we mere mortals call upon ourselves as fate.I believe in the whims &fancies of destiny and fingers crossed, I hope paths are crossed with a shot of vodka sprinkled with lemons and a pinch of salt 😜😜

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