Chemical Dizzy- The Casket Girls

                 Approximately a year ago, during one of my many lazy nights spent watching YouTube videos, I came across a young, talented duo girl band called The Casket Girls. The name of the band so intrigued me that I silently hoped they screamed about fantasy creatures making love to each other! It also spooked me a bit to imagine the story behind such a name for the band… Also, the name reminded me of a similar title in the TVD series… So , in short, I had to hear them!

                 The song which I first heard was ‘Chemical dizzy‘. And that’s it! It was enough for me to recommend them to all my friends from the WhatsApp list!

                 The music of this song is neither the popular upbeat dance sounds nor does it give you the pleasurable moments of a perfect love song. It has a very mysterious, little gothic and creepily beautiful music! ‘Chemical dizzy‘ is serene, soothing melody which is bound to make you feel good! To many, this song may also seem like a boring church prayer. But when you’ll go through the depth of this song, I guarantee it would change your mind!

The line which stuck with me the most was

“Beautiful queen but cruel like a demon

in between the question and a reason

Doesn’t it seem it changes with the seasons?

Black and white, we’re grey blood bleeding”

            At first, it seems like they are talking about some authoritative figure who doesn’t treat her subjects like she should do. But when these lines are given a second thought, you’ll realize that it is a well inserted metaphor illustrating the Human Heart – She is beautiful yet cruel towards the mind , not understanding the rational logic the mind works with (ie. questioning and reasoning), She doesn’t realize the pain she goes through and always believes that love can change everything; not wanting to change her loving nature with the seasonal changes of her surroundings. She always prefers to see everyone as Black or White, not realizing that in the process  she has started Bleeding Grey!

To summarize it all, hear it to believe in its magic…


Creativity is art of seeing the simple things around us with a different perspective. And such is the magnitude of this song on me!

Please share your thoughts on this song in the comments section below.. I love reading your views.. 😀

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