Fear- :O or :) ?!

Writing essays in school would always bring me to select quotes to advertise at the beginning, not that it was necessary; but I always felt that it beautifies my writing ability. During these frantic moments when I hover through the internet to find a suitable wording to inspire my essay, I used to come across many quotes on ‘Fear’.

‘Conquer fear’, 

‘Face your fears’, 

‘Let go of your fears’,

‘There’s nothing to be afraid of, It’s all in your mind’ etc, etc.

I admit that I never fully understood the meaning of Fear. Fear of someone, something , such as name, place , animal or thing; yes agreed! It is like you haven’t experienced the rationalism behind the fact , therefore your brain is unapproving the idea of its existence. This concept is believable, rather tractable. What I do not understand here, is the fear for something that’s never gonna happen. What strikes me most is that people call it something to be scared about, something to be shunned!

According to me , Fear is the strongest and the most definitive emotion of mankind. It’s very clear in what it states – you need to be alert! Fear is what makes you aware of yourself, your shortcomings and it’s very clear on how you can overcome it. E.g. you fear of failing an exam, study harder; you fear of speaking in public, start by addressing a small crowd, eventually moving towards the upper rung.

It has a very simple formula,

‘You don’t have it in you, so you work hard to achieve it’. 

Fear is an underrated emotion which houses the potential of making or breaking your future. But, realizing the fear for something is not enough, you need the urge to change it, to improve it. This urge is called Frustration.  You need to get frustrated about what bothers you; to the point where it starts annoying you. Then only you can work on correcting it. Thus,

Don’t fear the Fear, Embrace it like an old friend;

It would surely motivate you when everything else fails!


Make Fear and Frustration your BFF…

Fear shall help you identify your weakness

Frustration shall help you overcome it

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