Welcome to my Blog

Hello everybody, Welcome to my online space!

I’m TeeKay,  a budding blogger , music enthusiast and a natural advisor to the people around me.

“Life is too short to make every mistake and learn from it yourself. Therefore, it is imperative to learn from the mistakes and failures of others so that you do not repeat them.”

The TeeKay Take is my outlook towards the things that matter to me. My love for music and life shall be explored here. Music has been a constant denominator in my life. Give me a good song, I’ll be transported to heaven. A good song is something which stays with you even after it ends!!

This space is targeted to be discussion ground for readers who find music as an escape to this world. Together, let’s delve into what’s new on charts, how did the artist come up with this, what goes into making a song, what makes listeners connect to the music? We’ll explore new music, immerse in the sound and inspire one another.

To each their own opinion and I aspire my viewers to share their thoughts on my happy space.

And this is my take , The TeeKay Take …

Hope you enjoy reading…

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26 Thoughts

  1. hi TeeKay. am fairly new to blogging so on the lookout for good bloggers 🙂 do u mind if i take a look around? Im roch from mumbai. good 2 connect

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  2. Hi, nice theme you have going here 🙂 Just inquisitive…what does the “The TeeKay Take” mean? There must be a story behind it…?
    …and yes if you would like to share your name too. I am Savio from Goa 🙂 Nice to meet ya!

    Liked by 2 people

        1. Thank you for the invite… I eventually do intend to publicize my name here. But till then, you may address me as TeeKay, I would prefer to be called that!
          Thanks for commenting… and do come back for more updates!😊

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  3. Hi, Thank you for liking a post I made about book blogging. I wasn’t sure anybody would be interested, but you have been so kind in liking it :). Your blog looks really great, I’ve only just taken a short look around but intend to read more :).

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  4. Nice to meet you TeeKay! I do believe no mistake is a mistake because it gives you a chance to learn. And another thing I’ve taught my kids, is to learn from others. Why not learn from their mistakes? Makes total sense. Best wishes, Koko:)

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    1. Totally! I believe that we have a very short lifetime to make a lot of mistakes and eventually learn from it! That’s when observing other people’s mistakes and learning from them comes in… Mistakes/experiences are indeed great teachers!

      Thank you for your kind words, nice to meet you too… Hope to see you often! Love, Teekay!

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    1. Hey,
      Thank you for your kind words.
      I’m looking forward for a good inspiration to start again.
      It feels motivating when our content is still appreciated after such a long time.
      I felt that I had really given up on this talent but now, I do feel encouraged.
      Thanks again.

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      1. Hey TeeKay,

        You’re most welcome. 😀

        I would be very glad if I was able to motivate you in any way.
        Hoping to see more posts from you. 🙂

        You ar welcome once again. 🙂
        On the look out for your post updates now. 😛

        Take Care. Keep Writing. 😀


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